Eddie and the Heartbeats

aka Ed Varga 


“When I take my shirt off it reveals I’m not a beefcake.  I don’t have the body of a heavyweight or even a welterweight’s shape.  There’s nothing I can fake….” 

- Eddie and the Heartbeats, “Shirtless.”


While the song Shirtless is about the real life vulnerability Ed Varga feels as a queer transgender man taking his shirt off in public, Varga is also at his best when he’s peeling off his metaphorical shirt and giving the audience his complete, tenderhearted self.  


Varga’s songs toe the line between melancholy and goofy, wrapped up in 1960’s inspired guitar pop.  During his live performances he charms the audience into joining him in a journey through his trans life via his songs and stories between songs. 

In 2018 Varga released his first solo album under the moniker, "Eddie and the Heartbeats."  The album, "Good Enough," is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and other services.


He is currently writing a performance piece and album with the working title, “Eddie and the Heartbeats: Songs and Stories," a multi-media theatrical performance threading the story of his life through his set of songs, enhanced by animations and music videos. 


Varga was also the founder and director of Homocore Minneapolis and Homo A Go Go.  He lives in San Francisco and is a student in music composition and songwriting at Berklee College of Music.